The BITZ-company today


The specialist for restoration, repair and reconstruction of historic airplanes.


Production of engine mounts, brackets, silencers etc for airplane-manufacturers and „Experimental“ builders.


Welding activities:

Since the beginning, welding works by aircraft certificated welders are executed on steel, highest quality stainless steel and aluminum for aircraft manufacturing companies like GROB, VALENTIN and SCHEIBE.

In 2005 building the aft fuselage framework of the D-Jet aircraft for the Aerostructure company.

Since 1993 exclusive manufacturer for the LIESE-FLUGTECHNIK company , that brought a new and unconventional developement of small and very efficient silencer on the market for general aviation aircraft.


At the moment, the Bitz GmbH has following certifications:

DE.21.G.0111–manufacture of airplanes of the type: Bücker 133 and Bücker 131.

  parts and main structures for Bücker 131 and 133, Klemm 35, Fw44 “Stieglitz”.

  main structures for the motor-gliders of the GROB and Scheibe companies.

                          manufacture the silencer system LIESE.

LBA II - A73 - maintenance and repair for wood/mixed construction aircraft up to 2000 Kg MTOW.

                          entire repair-works of the silencers system LIESE


At the moment application for EASA–certification of the above mentioned LBA-certifications is in progress for our company.



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